Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gran Turismo 5

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGEuropean gamers have been given the chance to prolong the Yuletide spirit with the ‘Signature Edition Challenge’ for Playstation 3 that went live on Monday- the chance to win a real Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Gran Turismo 5.
Sadly enough, participation is open only to enthusiasts across Europe; the rest of us will have to bide our time. Interested gamers need to redeem the voucher code on their Signature Edition game pack via the Playstation store on and register their details. The winner of the event gets the keys to a brand-new SLS AMG worth a hefty €180,000.
The gamers begin the challenge in the B-Spec mode of the game, where they will get to test out their efficacy as a team director for AI drivers in a series of five, 5-lap races held on different circuits till 23:59 GMT on January 31, 2011. As February dawns, the top 15 regional winners from 22 countries will proceed to the next stage as per the fastest total times recorded for each region- the Mercedes-Benz Driving Event.

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