Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mercedes-Benz's E350 Coupe Rides Like A Six-Figure CL

Mercedes-Benz's E350 Coupe
The silver bullet passed us ferociously and I was left wondering "What kind of Mercedes was that?" It had two doors, an aggressive body kit, four circular headlights and awesome five-spoke wheels.

Did you guess?

Well, it was a W208 CLK430, of course. I adored that car.

Then, Mercedes-Benz introduced the W209 CLK and it was not terribly exciting. Lacking that certain gusto of the original CLK, it did not speak to many male buyers – excluding the Black Series. Soon enough, Brittany Spears was pedaling one around town and I am pretty confident that was equal to stabbing a vampire in the heart with a silver blade.

Fast forward to the 2010 model year. The all-new E-Class made its highly anticipated debut to a lot of critics who said it was an abysmal effort at best. On the other hand, we think it is a great car and its sales would back us up on that claim.

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